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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to address all of your hair care questions to our staff via our Contact page.


Q: Do you offer online appointment scheduling?

A: No. However, we DO offer online appointment REQUESTS.  Your appointment will still need to be confirmed via email or phone.  See our Online Booking page by clicking here.

Q. Why Are professional salon products better than drug store products?

A. Because they are made with better quality ingredients, don’t contain harsh and cheap chemicals and are made  in smaller quantities, they are usually targeted to more specific needs than typical grocery/drug store products.  And like Harbor Hair design, most salons offer a no-hassle money back guarantee with your purchase.  If you are ever unhappy with any Redken products just bring them back to us for a full refund; or we will gladly swap it out for something that works better for you.  This high level of customer service cannot be found in a large drug store chain.  (Note from Dave: Supporting independent business is also much better for the health of our nation than feeding a large corporate monopoly.)

Q. Why does hair need protein?

A. Hair is made up of various properties and one of those properties is keratin protein. Hair is made up of 70-80% protein.  If the hair has been compromised by the use of chemicals such as perms, straighteners, color or lighteners it can break the protein bonds that make up our hair. Conditioners that contain protein, and especially our Redken Chemistry System Extreme Shot Phase, can help treat your hair and make it stronger and less resistant to the breakage caused by the above mentioned services. The best thing about the Chemistry system is that we can make a blend of various ingredients that can address not only the lack of protein but also address other issues such as dryness, frizzyness, lack of moisture, color extend treatments and extremely distressed hair.  These blends of special conditioners will last up to 30 shampoo’s and will not just wash out the next time you shampoo your hair.  Ask about the Chemistry system; you will be glad you did.

Q. Can I go blond without bleach?

A.  Going blond without the use of lighteners can be done; but only if your hair is already light brown or lighter.  If it is light brown or lighter we can use a highlift tint that is gentler on the hair than lightener.  But with that said, if your hair is any darker than that it will only get to a nasty orange stage.  To get a very nice pale blond takes the expertise of a very skilled colorist and is something that has to be lightened on a very ridged schedule.  If not properly maintained, you risk having uneven bands of color because the hair grew too much to accept the lightener evenly.  Another way to get lighter on darker levels is to highlight with foil.  Harbor Hair Design carries all of Redken's 5 lines of color.  Our expert colorists can help you decide which is best for you.

Q. Why is it that when I do my own color; the roots are always lighter than the ends?

A.  The most common reasons are the heat from your scalp and the fact that the hairs near the scalp are not as brittle (due to age) as the hair on the ends.  The hair next to your scalp will always process quicker than the hair at its ends.  You will notice that when a true professional does your color, they will either use 2 different colors on your hair or the same color with 2 different strengths of developer. This will address these issues so that the color will take evenly; scalp-to- ends.

Q. How do you keep current with the newest styles and techniques?

A. We are always attending classes, reading magazines, watching videos, having in-salon training, and keeping up with online education on a regular basis.  If we didn’t do this we would become stale and outdated.  We also need to constantly be learning new styles and techniques so we don’t burn out on the same old thing.  When guests come in and want something new we need to be able to give them what they want.  Just because we are from a small town doesn’t mean you can’t get big city results!

Q. Does being a Redken Certified Haircolorist guarantee better results?

A. Being certified gives you the tools to be able to deal with every, and any color client that comes into the salon with predictable results.  You can rest assured that you are  in the best hands available today by colorists that have received the benefit of the best education currently available.

Q. What is a RA?

A.  RA stands for Redken Artist.  A Redken Artist is someone who has been through a very thorough audition before being accepted into the program.  After being accepted into the program, they go through a very intense and rigorous training in Tampa, Florida.  These training sessions are broken down into 3 sessions, each lasting 4 days.  Each session is based on learning Facilitation Techniques, Business Practices, Color, Design and Finishing, Personal Development, Product knowledge, and the Art of Consultation.   After they become an Artist they then go to different salons or in store classes, or other venues and teach other stylists all the above subject matter. There are only about 450 Redken Artists in the USA and we are extremely proud to have one of them in our salon.

Q. Why is your salon so casual?

A. We are not pretentious and we try to make everyone feel at home.  Our atmosphere is very relaxed. However, just because we are fun and laid-back doesn't not mean we are unprofessional.  We all take our careers (and your hair) very seriously!

Q. Are you taking Resumes?

A. We are always looking for new talent and great people who would like to work in an environment that will foster their personal and professional growth.  We are only interested in those who are as committed and as passionate about our industry and careers as we are!  If you feel that you are such a person, please stop by and say hello.  Resumes are always accepted and encouraged!


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