Harbo Hair Design - Kingston Salon

Mission Statement

To maintain our reputation as Kingston's premier Hair Salon through continuing education and close tracking of contemporary advances within our industry.

Core Values:

1. Transforming a vision into a desired outcome requires much more than raw artistic ability.  The entire staff at Harbor Hair Design frequently attends advanced courses, seminars, in-salon training and trade shows.  The knowledge attained at these events is, in very large part, responsible for our ability to accurately predict the outcomes of our efforts.  All of this results in our main goal: an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.

2. We place great value on the time of others.  We fully realize the possible inconveniences our clients could incur if we do not meet our obligation to work within our schedule.  For this reason, we do not overbook.  It is a very rare instance that one of our clients would be forced to wait an excessive amount of time for the start, or completion, of their scheduled appointment.  If this were to happen, we will make a great effort to inform our clients ahead of time and adjust our schedule accordingly.

3. Our number one responsibility to our clients is to remain in business so that we can continue to fulfill their future needs.  To this end, it is imperative that all of our stylists earn a true living wage.  Their respectable income is a major factor in their high level of personal job satisfaction.  Our clients find our stylists to be happier, and much more pleasant, than the average chain salon employee working for a menial wage in order to feed a large corporation. All of our stylist's establish their fees upon the free-market demand for their time. For this reason, you may find the fees of our senior stylists to be appreciably higher than that of our junior stylists.

4. We will politely refuse to perform any service if we determine that it will result in being detrimental to the health  and/or condition of our client's hair.

5. We are a team, and anything that is good for our team will also benefit us as individuals. To this end, we are committed to sharing our knowledge with each other.  Clients will often observe our stylists consulting with each other or explaining why they are proceeding with a particular technique.  Our stylists all actively promote the professional growth of their coworkers.  Overall client satisfaction is our top priority.


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Lynn Hammond